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The purpose of this website is to encourage Christians across the world to live in faithful obedience to God, for we are now living in the last days of the Church age.  It is our observation that there are some Christians today that are not enthusiastically following God as commanded by Jesus in the Holy Bible.  They have experienced a belief in Jesus Christ as Savior and are saved by grace for eternity, but they are not living the faithful life that Jesus has commanded for all believers:

Luke 9:23 And He said unto all, If any man would come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.

The articles that we have placed on this website are to encourage you to be faithful to the above verse.  We also include articles that analyze some of the more difficult to understand verses in the Holy Bible such as prophecy and warnings for the Christian:

Recent Article Additions

Mystery Babylon exists today and greatly influences the world: The Mystery Babylon of Today

Two great commandents:  Love God and your neighbor

Persecution of the Christians: Smyrna: the Tribulation Church

Can we know anything about the return of Jesus: When could Jesus return?

All scripture is important, even: Names in Scripture.

This is a detailed analysis of the final judgment described in chapter 20 of the Book of Revelation: The Great White Throne Judgment .

Let's study scripture to determine if all Christians will be taken to Heaven before the beginning of the Tribulation: The Rapture.

Begin your own study of the Book of Revelation.  Questions are given for all 22 chapters: Revelation Questions.

God forgives us of our sins and we should forgive others of their sins against us.  Failure to forgive is: An Unforgivable Sin.

It is possible that a Christian that is currently a member of the Church at Philadelphia could now fail Jesus Christ and miss being taken to Heaven in the First Fruits Rapture.  Here is a strong warning: Church at Philadelphia, don't let anyone take your Crown of Life.

In the Book of Revelation, the Church at Philadelphia is only praised by Jesus Christ.  Some suggestions for forming  A Philadelphia Home Church are given.

The last few days or  months before the Tribulation and the  instruction and discipleship He will give to Main Harvest Christians are described in:
The Last Days of the Church Age.  

Could some Christian churches be revived before the start of the Tribulation?  Find out what we think: Will there be a Revival of the Church?

What happens to the unfaithful Christian when they get to Heaven? The Unfaithful Christian.

Several Muslim nations attack Israel in the first half of the Tribulation: Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39.

Read to find out when Babylon will be destroyed in the Tribulation: The Destruction of Babylon.

Israel will build a temple in Jerusalem and Antichrist will desecrate it at mid-Tribulation: The Tribulation Temple.

At the end of the Tribulation, Jesus returns and destroys all of the armies of the world: The Battle of Armageddon.

Jesus opens seal three--hyperinflation, seal four--war, death and plague and seal five--persecution of Christians left behind: Seals three, four and five.

Jesus will send Division in His Churches is a difficult article to read and it was difficult to put together because of the severity of the verses.  I believe that this is an article that may shock some people in the church, but so be it.  These verses (Luke 12:51-56)  are from Jesus, so they are very important.

Read The Millennial Kingdom to find out about the events that will take place when Jesus Christ returns and sets up His Kingdom on the earth. 

An alliance against Israel will soon form and will be determined to destroy Israel: Psalm83: an alliance forms against Israel

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We have prepared several articles that explain Soul Salvation, the command from Jesus to live a righteous life, and the encouragement to be watching for the return of Jesus Christ for the First Fruits Rapture. 

Soul vs Spirit Salvation - Soul and Spirit are defined in the Holy Bible.  The Christian's spirit and body are saved by faith in Jesus.  It is a free gift from God.  The Soul is saved by being faithful to Jesus.

The Philadelphia Christian - The Godly characteristics of the Philadelphia Christian are discussed.  They will be taken by Jesus in the First Fruits Rapture and miss all seven years of the Tribulation.

How to Crucify Self - Included are suggestions for crucifying your sinful human nature and allowing Christ to rule in your life, ensuring the salvation of your soul.

The Old Man Must Die - Scripture is examined that discusses the need to die to self so the soul will be saved at the judgment seat of Christ.

A Book of Remembrance - Philadelphia Christians are now readying, obeying and thinking about Jesus Christ, even in their private moments.  Those righteous thoughts and works are remembered by God.

Imputed Righteousness vs Practical Righteousness - Every born-again Christian has the Imputed Righteousness of Christ, but every Christian is exhorted to seek after the Practical Righteousness of God.

Eternal Life - The Christian that follows Jesus and puts Him first in his life will inherit eternal life.

Repentance - Must a Christian repent of his sins in order to be saved spiritually? The Biblical answer to this question is simple, but the explanation is very complex for those Christians with a superficial understanding of the Bible.

Salvation Past, Present and Future - The salvation of the spirit, of the body and of the soul are discussed in detail in this article.

The Book of Life - All Christians names are initially written in the Book of Life.  However, a Christian will have his name blotted out of this book if he is unfaithful to God.

The Bride of Christ - Scripture that define the Bride of Christ are discussed.  These are the most faithful believers in Jesus.

Do Not Forsake Assembling Together - The Apostle Paul exhorts Christians to meet often to discuss the return of Jesus for the First Fruits Rapture and to encourage each other to live a righteous life for God.

The Gospel--What Is It? - The Gospel of Grace and the Gospel of Christ are examined in detail from verses from the Holy Bible.

God's Covenant of Works - In the Book of Ephesians, Paul exhorts Christians to perform righteous deeds for God.  Jesus promises great rewards to those that live their lives for Him and not for themselves.

Spiritual Rebirth - Spiritual rebirth is a work of God and not of man.  No works by man are required for spirit salvation for the Christian.

The Five Crowns - There are five levels of reward for the most faithful of Jesus Christ.  All five crowns are earned by the Christian and the verses that explain these crowns are discussed in detail in this article.

The Beckoning for the Return of Jesus - Jesus wants us to ask Him to return for the First Fruits Rapture in Revelation, chapter 22.  Here is the beckoning we lift up to Him.

Washing by Jesus is Necessary - Jesus must cleanse us from our contact with the world.

An in-depth study of Eternal Life - We have collected all verses that discuss eternal life and explain them in this article.

Prayer: a hands-on workbook - Suggestions are given for improving your prayer life, including specific prayers you can lift up to God.

Are rewards important? - Rewards are mentioned many times in the Bible and are important to God and should be to Christians.

Revival - Will there be a revival of American Christians in these last days of the Church age?

Spiritual Gifts - Discuss the various spiritual gifts God gives to Christians.

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We have prepared several articles that interpret each verse in the Book of Revelation.  Jesus evaluates the spiritual health of the seven churches, opens the seven-seal scroll, tests the Main Harvest Christians and the twelves tribes of Israel, unleashes His wrath upon unsaved mankind, returns for the Battle of Armageddon, begins His Millennial reign, judges Satan and the fallen angels and unsaved mankind and reigns over Heaven and Earth in Eternity.

Summary of the Book of Revelation - A summary of each chapter of the Book of Revelation and the time frame it takes place is given in table form. 

What You Have Seen - The time frame is before the start of the Tribulation.  John greets the seven churches of Asia minor and a vision of the Son of Man is given.

What is Now/The Seven Churches - The time frame is before the First Fruits Rapture.  Jesus observes the spiritual health of the seven churches.

What Will Take Place Later - The time frame is the First Fruits Rapture.  The grand throne in Heaven and the First Fruits Rapture are described. 

The Seven Sealed Scroll - The time frame is the beginning of the Tribulation. The seven-sealed scroll is handed to Jesus Christ.

Opening of the First Six Seals - The first six seals of the scroll are opened and the precursor to the wrath of God that will shortly follow is described.

Preparation for the Day of The Lord - The 144,000 faithful Jews are called by Jesus and any Christians still alive are taken to Heaven in the Main Harvest Rapture.

The Seventh Seal is Opened and The Trumpet Judgments are Unleashed - The wrath of God is poured out on unrepentant mankind via catastrophic judgments.

More Trumpet Judgments - The wrath of God continues on unsaved mankind.

The Mighty Angel and the Little Scroll - John is commanded to eat the little scroll which tastes sweet in his mouth, but bitter in his stomach.

The Two Witnesses - God uses Enoch and Elijah to predict the judgments of God upon unsaved mankind.

The Seventh Trumpet - The final judgments of God upon unsaved mankind are ready to be unleashed upon the earth by Almighty God.

The Antichrist and the False Prophet - The Antichrist and False Prophet are allowed control over the earth for three and one-half years.  Main Harvest Christians will be severely tested during this time.

The Reaping of the Earth - The time frame is the middle of the tribulation period and gives some more details of the 144,000 Jews who were saved at the middle of the tribulation period.  The winepress of the wrath of God is described.

The Bowls of God's Wrath - God the Father commands that the seven bowls of His wrath be unleashed upon the earth.

More Bowls of God's Wrath - The seven bowls of God's judgment are described in detail.

The Fall of Babylon - The great end-time power Babylon is described in detail.  The time frame is before the Tribulation starts and culminates near the end of the Tribulation with the complete destruction of Babylon.

Song of Hallelujah in Heaven - Jesus returns and the Antichrist and False Prophet are captured then judged, then cast into the lake of fire for eternal destruction.

The Millennial Reign - Jesus reigns on the earth for one thousand years.  The unsaved are judged at the great white throne and then are cast into hell for eternity.

A New Heaven and a New Earth - The dwelling place of all Christians and Old Testament saints comes down from Heaven and is described in detail.

The Final Word from God - The time frame is now.  Jesus encourages all Christians to be watching for His return and encourages them to remain faithful to Him.

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Several books of the Holy Bible are discussed to include discipleship and prophecy.

Book of Colossians - The Apostle Paul exhorts the church at Colossea to live a righteous life for God.

Book of First John - The Apostle John addresses soul salvation and living a righteous and holy life.

Book of First Peter - The purpose for the letter was to encourage persecuted believers to hope in God's ultimate deliverance for those that are steadfast in their faithfulness to God.

Book of Second Peter - God calls Christians to spirtual growth and faithfulness as they watch for the Second Coming of Jesus.

Book of Habakkuk - Describes the persecution of Main Harvest Christians by Antichrist during the first half of the Tribulation. 

Book of Philippians - Paul encourages the Church at Philippi to continue in faithful living for God.

Book of Galatians - Paul explains that Christians should not be following the Mosaic Law, but to being faithful to Jesus by following Him.

Book of James - James describes in detail soul salvation and the command to perform righteous works for God.

Book of Jude - Jude warns Christians that adversaries to the Gospel will arise and to be prepared to remain faithful to Jesus, even when persecuted.

Book of Esther - The book of Esther is a picture for the rejection by Israel of the Kingdom of God and the granting of the Kingdom to the Church.

Book of Ruth - This is a prophetic interpretation of Ruth and explains that Ruth is a picture of the Christian that is very faithful to Christ.

Book of Romans Part One - Paul explains the gospel of God pertaining to salvation, which includes justification, sanctification and glorification. (Chp 1-8)

Book of Romans Part Two - Paul describes the election, rejection and restoration of Israel in the prophetic plan of God.  He also discusses how to keep your soul pure and holy by calling upon the name of The Lord. (Chp 9-11)

Book of Romans Part Three - Paul earnestly pleads for the Roman Christians to present their bodies as living sacrifices in order for them to be holy (i.e., sanctified) and acceptable to God. (Chp 12-16)

Book of Daniel Part One - Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the four Kingdoms and of the great tree that symbolizes his kingdom and Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refuse to worship the golden image built by Nebuchadnezzar.  Finally, Daniel is saved by God from death when thrown into the lion's den. (Chp 1-6)

Book of Daniel Part Two - Four great nations of the last days of the Church Age are examined including England, Russia, Egypt and the European Union.

Book of Daniel Part Three - This is Daniel's final vision.  God describes to him the kingdoms in control of the world leading up to the time of Jesus and He shows him glimpses into the Tribulation, including visions of the Antichrist.
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Several parables of Jesus are interpreted.

The Kingdom of God -  The three aspects of the Kingdom of God are described.

The Laborers - The different types of Christians that serve God are described.

The Talents - Main Harvest Christians will serve Christ during the first half of the Tribulation.  Two will serve faithfully, the third Christian will not faithfully serve Jesus during this time of testing.

The Sheep, The Coin and the Prodigal Son - The parable of the sheep, the coin and the prodigal son illustrates the doctrine of divine election. The parable concerns the three elect peoples of God—saved Gentiles, the Church, and saved Jews.

The Two Sons - This parable describes the failure of the chief priests and Pharisees to be obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ and enter the Kingdom of God.

The Vineyard - This is a parable about the unfaithfulness of Israel to do the righteous works that God had provided for them to do.

The Marriage - This parable is about a wedding prepared by a King for His Son and pertains to the call of the Church and the taking out of the Gentiles a bride for Jesus Christ.

The Pounds - This parable is a picture of the sheep and goat judgment at the Second Coming of Christ in power and glory.

The Prudent Steward - This parable describes an unfaithful Christian in the last days just before the start of the Tribulation and his response to Christ when confronted with the observation that he has been unfaithful.

The Seven Parables of The Kingdom - These seven parables describe the various types of Christians of the church age and their response to Jesus' command to obey and follow Him in faith.

The Ten Virgins - This parable contrasts those believers that will be taken in the First Fruits Rapture and those believers that will be left behind to be tested in the fires of the first half of the Tribulation.

The Sower - Jesus elects four types of believers during the church age.  Only one is faithful.

The Judge of Unrighteousness - At mid-tribulation Jesus will judge those who persecute the Main Harvest Christians.

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The Church at Sardis: the Protestant Church - Jesus evaluates the works of the Protestant church.  It needs to be watching for Christ's return and to be more faithful by walking closer to God by prayer and applying scripture to the way members live their lives.

A member's view of the Protestant Church - Some observations of how the current Protestant Church operates in the last days of the church age.

The Church at Philadelphia: the faithful Church - Members of this church are considered by Jesus as His most faithful and they will be partcipants in the First Fruits Rapture and miss all seven years of the Tribulation.

The Church at Laodicea: the worldly and self-deceived Church - Jesus evaluates the faith of the end-time church of Laodicea.  It is greatly lacking in faith and will be severly tested in the first half of the Tribulation.

He Cometh with Clouds - This is a chronological outline of prophetic events from Jesus' first coming to His second coming in power and glory.

Rebekah - Rebekah is a type of the Bride of Christ.

Impossible to Bring to Repentance - A faithful Christian that falls away from faith in Jesus will not be given a second opportunity to repent and then follow Him again.

Justification vs Sanctification - The difference between justification and sanctification is the difference between spirit salvation and soul salvation.

Lust of the Flesh vs Fruit of the Spirit - A Christian can either follow God, producing spiritual fruit or can follow his own selfish interests, producing death of the soul.

The Doctrine of Election - Calvinism is compared to Arminianism.  Both are right and both are wrong.  Scripture is analyzed to provide the correct interpretation of election.

Outer Darkness - To be cast into outer darkness is to fail to enter the King's dominion.  There are serious consequences of being unfaithful to Christ.

Earth's Destiny - Read to find out what happens to the earth after the millennium Kingdom.

The Great Comission - Scriptures are analyzed to determine what is the Great Comission as written in Matthew 28.

Jonah - The verses of the Book of Jonah are analyzed to determine what actually happened to Jonah when he was swallowed by the great sea creature.

Predestination - All Christians are predestined for salvation.  This salvation is accomplished because God saves who He wants to save.  The holy scripture is analyzed in detail in this article.

The Coming Rapture - The pretribulation rapture of Jesus' most faithful saints is analyzed from scripture verses.

The Main Harvest Rapture - Christians still alive at mid-Tribulation will be taken to Heaven in the Main Harvest Rapture.

The Olivet Discourse - Matthew, chapter 24 and 25 are analyzed and include prophecy about the Church, and the Jews and Gentiles saved during the Tribulation.

The Separation - The Philadelphia Christian is separated from the less faithful Christian just before the start of the Tribulation.  This is called the First Fruits Rapture.  Unfaithful Christians will then have an opportunity to become more faithful by enduring persecution during the first half of the Tribulation.

The Seven Feasts - The seven feasts of Israel are described in Leviticus 23.  They are a shadow of the coming Messiah and promise ultimate salvation for the Jew.

Lazarus Come Forth - This is a prophetic study of the resurrection of Lazarus, which is a depiction of the resurrection of Israel at the end of the Tribulation.

Feeding of the 5000 - This prophetic study describes how the Main Harvest Christians will be given a deep study of the Holy Bible so they will be prepared for serving Jesus during the first half of the Tribulation.

The Little Horn - Daniel forecasts the rise in power of the Antichrist who will persecute the unfaithful Christian during the first half of the Tribulation.

The Idol Shepherd - Scripture tells us who the Antichrist might be.

He is Coming Soon - The Bible is very clear about the fact that Jesus Christ is coming again and probably very soon.  Many verses from the Old and New Testaments are analyzed that promise His return.

The Last Days of the Church Age - The events at the end of the Church Age are described which includes the preparation of the Main Harvest Christians  for  God's service in the first half of the Tribulation.

Mystery Babylon - Read to find out which nation during the Tribulation will control much of the world.

What time is it? - What is time on God's clock and what should it mean to us?

Babylon is Destroyed - Find out when and why Babylon is destroyed in the Tribulation.

The Battle of Armageddon - At the very end of the Tribulation, Jesus destroys all of the armies of the world.

The Tribulation Temple - Israel builds a temple to God and Antichrist desecrates it at mid-Tribulation.

The Millennial Kingdom - Jesus rules the world in righteousness during the thousand year kingdom.

The last few days or  months before the Tribulation and the  instruction and discipleship He will give to Main Harvest Christians are described in: The Last Days of the Church Age.  

Could some Christian churches be revived before the start of the Tribulation?  Find out what we think: Will there be a Revival of the Church?

Jesus opens seal three--hyperinflation, seal four--war, death and plague and seal five--persecution of Christians left behind: Seals three, four and five.

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Included are several warnings to Christians.  If they are obeyed, the Christian will be a disciple of Jesus.  If not obeyed, the Christian will have a severe and painful judgment. 

The Law of Sin and Death - From Ezekiel 18: The soul that sinneth shall die.

Christians Left Behind - Unfaithful Christians will be tested for the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation.

The unpardonable sin - A once-faithful Christian can fall--Hebrews chapter six

The Judgment Seat of Christ - Each Christian will give an account to Christ of their works for their time upon the earth.

A Warning for the Church of Philadelphia - Jesus' most faithful followers are encouraged to remain true to Him during these last days of the Church age.

The Great Delusion (The Lie) - God allows unfaithful Christians to experience a great delusion: they will believe a lie that many pastors, deacons and teachers are giving to church members.

Hell - Scripture is analyzed to determine what Hell really is, as opposed to what many preachers and teachers are telling their congregations.

Gehenna vs Life - Faithful Christians will realize soul salvation at the Judgment Seat of Christ and unfaithful Christians will experience death of the soul.

God Hates Complaining - Christians should never complain about anything.

God Hates Murmuring - Christans should not murmur about anything.

To Perish or not to Perish - Unfaithful Christians will lose the salvation of their souls and faithful Christians' souls will be saved at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Will you warn others? - A faithful Christian will warn other believers about the need to live a righteous life for Jesus and avoid being left behind to experience persecution during the first half of the Tribulation.

The Unfaithful Christian - What will be the place for the unfaithful Christian in Heaven?

Jesus will send Division in His Churches.  What happens in the church when you want to discuss the Book of Revelation?

Special Information

General frequently asked questions - Q&A's regarding soul salvation and prophecy are given.

Book of Revelation frequently asked questions - Q&A's regarding the Book of Revelation are given.

Jeremiah chapter 50 and 51 frequently asked questions - Q&A's regarding the doom of Babylon are given.

Antichrist frequently asked questions - Q&A's regarding the Antichrist are given.

Biblical Typology - Bible keywords are explained.

Last days timeline - Events of the last days in a chronological order are shown.

Prophecy Countdown - Preparing Christians for Christ's return

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