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Q & A about Jeremiah, Chapters 50 & 51

Chapters 50 and 51 of Jeremiah predict the complete destruction of a great end-time power called Babylon.  We describe this destruction in detail by answering the questions that follow.  Because Jeremiah 50/51 are intimately tied to the prophecies in the Book of Revelation, we suggest that you also read the frequently asked questions associated with that scripture: FAQs for Book of Revelation.

Jeremiah Chapter 50

Q.  Please identify Babylon.

Babylon represents the major end-time world power that will rule over the whole world during the seven year Tribulation. It will consist of a great military/political/economic alliance: the United States and the European Union.  Both of these will be destroyed by God by the end of the Tribulation. Along with Jeremiah Chapters 50 and 51, the Book of Revelation details how God destroys these countries and the reasons for their destruction.

Q.  Who is the leader of Babylon?

This is the Antichrist, who will take control of the leadership of both America and the European Union at the beginning of the Tribulation.  Because the United States will fall economically just before the start of the Tribulation and the political leadership of America will be weak and will not be able to plan a strategy for recovery, the Antichrist will suddenly show up on the scene and will convince the Congress that he has the answers and he will be installed as the President.  Because the European Union's economy will also fall triggered by the fall of the American economy, Antichrist will also be granted the Presidency of the EU.  The Arab/Israeli conflict will also be resolved and a seven year treaty guaranteeing peace for Israel will be signed by all countries in the middle east.  The signing of this treaty will start the seven year Tribulation.

Q[50:1] Explain the "word spoken against Babylon".

This is a serious promise by God that because of the sin of Babylon, He has planned in detail it's destruction. This promise will be accomplished in exactly the manner He has planned and this promise will not be taken back by Him. We will later describe in detail why God has planned for Babylon's utter destruction.

Q[50:2] Please identify the names that God is prophecying against?

There are several names mentioned. Bel: This is the major god of Babylon. It is also balled Baal. This false god is another name for Antichrist who is under the possesion of Satan. Antichrist will control Babylon and will attempt to destroy all that God holds dear to Himself, including the Christian church and the state of Israel. Merodach is one of the last gods mentioned as controlling the city of Babylon in the time of Jeremiah. It represents the Papal system of Rome in the last days and will enforce the worship of Antichrist during the Tribulation.

Q[50:3] What is the nation from the north and what does this nation do to Babylon?

North of Babylon are several mighty nations and include the countries of Russia, China, Japan, eastern Europe and Canada. This nation from the north of Babylon will hate and want to destroy Babylon.

Q[50:4] Explain the role of Israel and Judah regarding Babylon?

There are two nations of God's people. We know the Jews, they are from the tribes of Judah, Levy and Benjamin. They were the nation that was in Judea at the time of Jesus. After the destruction of Judea in AD 70 by the Romans, they were dispersed over Europe, Russia and into various nations of the middle east.

The Israelites were defeated in war and taken as captives by the Assyrians around 700 BC and were dispersed through parts of Europe and Kurdistan and possibly even to America as the American Indian. Most of these Israelites don't even know that their ancestors were God's people. However, God knows and wants to restore them back in a right relationship with Him at the appropriate time. Because of the destruction of the USA, God warns His people the Jews and the Israelites to get out of Babylon and to return to Israel so they will avoid destruction. There is also a greater message--that they will seek a relationship with God that they have never had. Somehow the Lord will make it known who He is and that Jesus that most rejected 2,000 years ago is indeed the Messiah they have been waiting for. By the middle of the Tribulation, these twelve tribes of the people of God will go to the country of Israel. We know that this will happen, because Jesus will call 12,000 from each of the twelve tribes of Israel to be His evangelists to the world.

Q[50:5] Why would Israel and Judah ask the way to Zion?

This is not the literal Zion, the state of Israel, because they will all know where it is geographically. Rather, they will ask the Main Harvest Christians that are left behind after the First Fruits rapture about their savior, Jesus Christ. These Christians will witness to and teach those 144,000 Israelites the ways of Jesus. The Main Harvest Christians will show them the ways of the scripture and in particular New Testament faith, love and works. At mid Tribulation, the Main Harvest Christians will be taken to Heaven to be with God. The 144,000 faithful Jews will then be preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom to the rest of the world. They will be absolutely sinless and faithful to God because they will receive their resurrection bodies at mid-Tribulation because Jesus will personally give them this wonderful gift. They will be protected by God against all evil in the world and specifically against the persecution by Antichrist.

Q[50:6] Why were God's people lost?

The people of Israel and Judah have been lost for 2,000 years because most of them rejected Jesus Christ as the Messiah. They instead followed the lead of the Scribes and Pharisees during Jesus' day. The average Jew was still responsible for not believing in Jesus and the Pharisees even more so. However, because of God's mercy and His love for His people, He will eventually welcome back the Jews and Israelites into His fold and into His care.

Q[50:7] Explain the adversaries of Israel and Judah.

Since the Assyrians conquered and took captive the people of Israel and later the Romans conquered and disperssed the Jews throughout the world, they have been severely persecuted. Many were tortured or killed and were few in number because of this persecution. Many of their persecutors were from the Church during the middle ages and even into the 20th century. They thought that the Jews were rejected by God and thus hated them. However, God said in Genesis 12:3  "I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you." This scripture is still true today.

Q[50:8] Why did God command His people to come out of Babylon?

After the series of God's warnings in Jeremiah 50 and 51, God will totally destroy Babylon and God does not want His people to also be destroyed. This is because God still dearly loves His people, Israel.

Q[50:9] Explain the array of nations that surround Babylon.

Several of the nations north of Babylon shall surround USA/EU with submarines in both the Atlantic, Pacific and even in the Arctic oceans. From both land-based nuclear missiles and nuclear missles launched from submarines USA/EU will be completely destroyed. The devistation will be complete with the cities being completely leveled and the radiation eventually killing anyone left in the country.

Q[50:10] How does Chaldea become plunder? What does this mean?

Chaldea is another name for Babylon. It will be completely destroyed as in Jer 50:13-14. The plunder will be the satisfaction that the country that most other countries in the world are jealous of and hate so much is now no longer in existance.

Q[50:11] How does Babylon destroy God's heritage?

The heritage that Babylon attempts to destroy are the lives of many Main Harvest Christians that its leaders destroy by persecution and then later destroy by decapitation by guillotine. The other destruction is the infiltration of the Christian churches during the 20th and into the 21st centuries with false doctrine, thus causing many Christians to fall away from the true faith in Jesus Christ.  During the Tribulation, a large majority of Main Harvest Christians are faithful to Jesus and the destruction that Babylon attempts is a failure.

Q[50:12] Who is Babylon's mother and why does she become ashamed?

The mother is the Christian church that came to America and glorified God in the early days of America and through the 19th century. Today, it is the Church of Philadelphia spoken of in Revelation, Chapter 2. The Church of Philadelphia is ashamed of America because most of the other Christians in America are not following God in the end times; many are following the way of the world and are indulging in the same sins that unsaved people are committing.

Q[50:13] Why shall all that can see Babylon become horrified?

If you have seen videos of the radiation burns that were on the bodies of the inhabitants of Hiroshima that survived after the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945 and the complete levelling of that city you will get a good idea of the suffering and destruction of the people and cities of Babylon.  It will be the same suffering for Babylon, except on a nationwide scale.  The news organizations of the world will later send in camera crews to record the immense suffering that Babylon will experience.  This will be the top news event in most cities of the world for months.

Q[50:14] What is the array around Babylon and what are the arrows they use to attack Babylon?

The array will be the nuclear submarines, the nuclear-tipped missles and even the terrorists with their suitcase bombs that will be all around and inside the borders of the USA/EU.  These destroyers will agree on a date and time to destroy America and the destruction will only take about an hour to start and finish.  The USA will go from the richest country in the world to the poorest in the span of one hour.

Q[50:15] What is the vengeance of the Lord?

Because during the first half of the Tribulation the USA will persecute, torture and then put to death many of God's Christians, He will see that the USA/EU is completely destroyed sometime in the second half of the Tribulation.  In Seal Five of the Revelation Scroll, God has promised His martyrs that He will avenge their persecution and martyrdom.  This promise has thus been carried out.  There will be no survivors of God's destruction of Babylon.

Q[50:16] Who is the sower in Babylon?

The sower in America is the farmer in the midwest and in California and other parts of the USA that grows much grain for the tables of the world.  Especially in the USA many tons of wheat and other grains are sold across the world.  This will completely stop, because after the destruction by nuclear bombs, radiation will make any foodstuffs deadly to consume.  Many peoples of the world will starve because the heretofore inexpensive grains will completely unavailable for purchase by other countries of the world.

Q[50:16] Who flees from Babylon to their own land?

In both USA and in Europe, there are many foreigners that have come from other parts of the world to reside and make a good living.  God will apparently allow at least some of these people to return to their country of origin.  We don't know if any airports or shipping ports will be open, but some individuals will somehow make it back to their own home country.  Those peoples from Mexico and other Latin American countries will drive back or even walk back to their home country.  Perhaps some of the foreign countries that have many people in Babylon will even send ships to pick up their countrymen.

Q[50:17] Explain why Israel is like scattered sheep.

The northern Kingdom of Israel was scattered across the world after their country was conquered by Assyria around 700 BC.  The southern Kingdom of Judah was conquered by King Nebechezzar of Babylon around 600 BC and most Jews were taken as captives to that country.  They were also scattered in a spiritual sense because both countries were unfaithful to God.  They did not follow their shepherd, God the Father.

Q[50:18] How is God's punishment of Babylon similar to His punishment of Assyria?

The Assyria God is talking about is actually the current country of Syria.  The destruction God is referring to is the destruction of Damascus and the rest of Syria that takes place just before the start of the Tribulation.  This destruction will be by nuclear bombs that are dropped by Israel after Syria has committed some major attack by weapons of mass destruction upon Israel.  God's destruction of USA/EU is similar, except on a much larger scale.

Q[50:19] What is Israel's habitation and what will it be like when God's people all return to Zion?

This is a promise by God for a future restoration of all of the twelve tribes of Israel back to their homeland of Israel.  This restoration will start when the millennium kingdom begins right after the conclusion of the Tribulation.  There will be perfect peace because Jesus will be ruling and the Israelites will be perfectly following Him during the Kingdom.

Q[50:20] Why does God forgive Israel's past sins and then restores them to a relationship with Him?

God has great love for His people, Israel and will restore them to a loving relation with Him.  This is because of His grace and His unmerited favor.  This is the same grace He currently bestows upon Christians.

Q[50:21] Please identify the lands of Merathaim and of Pekod and what happens to them?

Merathaim is another name for Babylon and stands for their rebellion against God.  It is their constant taunting God with their breaking of His commandments in the Holy Bible and their disrespect for Him and for His name.  Pekod stands for those people in Babylon's cities that will be put to death by God's sword in the second half of the Tribulation.

Q[50:22] Please identify the sound of battle.

The sound that will be heard is the mighty noise of atomic missles being dropped on Babylon's cities.  It will also be the sound of cries of fear, pain and anguish coming from the mouths of the inhabitants of Babylon that are being destroyed.

Q[50:23] What is the hammer of the earth?

A hammer can mould a piece of metal into the shape that the metalsmith wants it to look like.  Babylon has used its great military and economic presence to conquer countries or to influence governments to make their countries just like Babylon.

Q[50:24] How did God trap Babylon?

Babylon will also be moulded by God.  Because of Babylon's arrogance and it's desire to remake the world into countries just like itself, God will unmould Babylon by destroying it.  Babylon will not even have a clue that in a single hour, God will cause it to be destroyed.  The snare that God uses is the belief in the mind of Babylon's leaders that this great country can never be conquered.

Q[50:25] Please explain God's armory.

God's power is His word.  All God has to do is to just speak the word that Babylon will cease to be a nation and it will happen.  All He has to do is just to say, "Babylon will be destroyed by nuclear missles at HH:MM:SS on DD/MM/YY" and it will be destroyed at exactly that date and time.

Q[50:26] Explain Babylon's destruction.

Because of the many nuclear weapons that will explode in the cities and military installations of the country of Babylon, large craters will form and out of the blasts from these craters, large mounds of debris will be created.  The terrain of Babylon will look like Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Q[50:27] Explain Babylon's young bulls.

Sadly, these young bulls will be the highly trained and equipped men and women of Babylon's armed forces that will be killed during the day of Babylon's destruction.  Few will survive the initial attack and those that do will die a few days or weeks later because of radiation sickness.

Q[50:28] What is the vengeance of the Lord and what is the vengeance against His temple?

God's temple on the earth is the Christian.  Again, God has commanded Babylon's complete destruction because it has persecuted and martyred many of God's Main Harvest Christians and has also intensely  persecuted and murdered many of His people, the Jews.

Q[50:29-30] Who are the archers and what arrows do they use to destroy Babylon?

Again, the archers are the military that unleash the atomic weapons (the arrows) upon the state of Babylon.  No soldiers or inhabitants of Babylon will be able to escape from its destruction.  Those few that are not killed by atomic explosions or radiation will be picked off one-by-one by enemy soldiers with their rifles, grenades and artillery fire.

Q[50:31] Why does God say directly to Babylon that she is "most proud"?

The leaders, military and the people of Babylon want to glorify themselves by imposing their will upon the people of the earth.  Even worse is that these have also attempted to impose their will upon God's people, the Jews and God's people, the Christians.  This is utter arrogance, to place anything or anyone above God.  This observation by God of this arrogance is also a judgment by Him and we know the answer--Babylon will be utterly destroyed.  This judgment is stated many times in Jeremiah 50 and 51.

Q[50:32] What is the fire that God will kindle in Babylon's cities?

The fire will be the government buildings, office buildings, shopping centers, homes, schools and warehouses that will be burning for days or weeks after the nuclear weapons explode in the cities of Babylon.  There will be firestorms of flames that will rise high in the skies and look like those great wildfires that have ravaged millions of acres in the western states of the USA in recent years.

Q[50:33] Why were Judah and Israel oppressed?

The focus now shifts to God's people.  Because His people the Jews and the Israelites have not been faithful to Him over the centuries, He has allowed them to be persecuted by whatever countries they were inhabitants of.   Only a few countries have been supportive of the Jews and these countries have been greatly blessed  by God.  These include England and the United States and these two countries have been greatly blessed because of their support for Israel.  In the Tribulation, the support from Babylon will shift to oppression and persecution and Babylon will be severely judged by God because of this change.

Q[50:34] Who is the Redeemer of Israel?

By the end of the Tribulation God has decided that they have been punished enough by the people of the world and will have saved and protected in complete safety at Petra 1/3 of His people.  After the Tribulation, all Israelites and Jews of all ages will be resurrected and they will live forever in peace and safety in the land of Israel.

Q[50:35] What is the sword against the Chaldeans?

The sword is the destruction that is mentioned yet again by God and as we know from previous Q&A that this destruction is mainly by nuclear weapons.  The princes are the presidents of the EU nations and the president of the USA.  The wise men are the religous leaders and the military/industrial CEO's of those giant corporations. Both types of people will all die by the end of the Tribulation.

Q[50:36] Who are the liars and mighty men of Babylon?

The liars are the false religious leaders of Babylon and they have told the great lie that Antichrist is god.  Including in particular, the False Prophet who is the Pope during the time of the Tribulation. They have also introduced false doctrine into many Christian churches across the world; this infiltration of Christian churches started in the early 1900s and now false doctrine is epidemic in many churches.

The mighty men are the leaders of the information industry, including television, newspapers and the internet.  Both classes of men will be destroyed during the second half of the Tribulation.

Q[50:37] What are the horses and chariots and who are the mixed people in Babylon?

The horses and chariots are the automobiles, trucks, trains, tanks, submarines, airplanes that transport the people and goods of Babylon.   All of these people will be destroyed by God as well as the infrastructure of including airports, highways, train tracks, rivers and docks.

The mixed people are the people of many nations that have immigrated to USA since it's beginning as a nation. The mixed people are also foreigners living in both USA and Europe.  Many of these will escape to their home countries because they were warned of God's impending destruction of Babylon.  Many will also die, because they will not heed God's warning to flee from the coming destruction.

Q[50:38] What are the carved images in Babylon and why do the people of Babylon go insane over them?

These images could include the traditional idol, because some of the eastern relgions which are now thriving in Babylon do use idols for worship.  The main image will actually be the television and the computer screen.  Pornography can be purchased by anyone with a computer and the television programs have a heavy sensual program script or a heavy emphasis on violence.  Even before the start of the Tribulation, sin will be a major commodity that television and internet websites will focus on.

Q[50:39] What are the wild desert beasts that inhabit Babylon?

These are not actually animals, but are demons or fallen angels.  They will control the media and the political and industry leaders of Babylon.  During the first half of the Tribulation, they will direct the persecution and martydom of many of the Main Harvest Christians that reside in USA and Europe.  Most Christians will remain faithful to Jesus, even when being tortured and murdered by Antichrist.

Q[50:40] Compare the overthrow of Babylon with God's destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

In the time of Lot, the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah were full of evil men and women.  We know that God rescued Lot and his two daughters from the following destruction by fire that He rained upon these cities.  We know that God will rescue the Main Harvest Christians before He completely destroys Babylon.  These two cities were destroyed by fire and brimstone.  Babylon will also be completely destroyed by firestorms caused by nuclear weapons.

Q[50:41] Please identify the great nation from the north and the kings from the ends of the earth.

This great nation will be China.  They will also bring with them other destroyers of Babylon which could include Russia and Japan.

Q[50:42] Why are these nations so cruel against Babylon and what is the array around Babylon God is talking about?

They hate the USA because of its arrogance and because of its military and economic control of the nations of the world.  God places this hatred in their hearts and they will not stop until Babylon is completely destoryed.

Q[50:43] Why does the King of Babylon hands go limp?

This will be Antichrist who is the leader over both USA and Europe and because his military, infrastructure, wealth, people and resources have been completely destroyed, he has no longer any ruling authority.  Shortly after this complete destruction of Babylon, Antichrist and the False Prophet will be destroyed in the lake of fire.

Q[50:44] Who is the woman God is talking about?

The woman is the people of the state of Israel, specifically those living in Israel.  Antichrist will bring a great army against the people of Israel to try to destroy them.  The odds will be greatly against the people of Israel.  However, God will be on their side and He cannot possibly lose.

Q[50:44] Who is the chosen man that God will appoint over her?

Jesus is the Savior of Israel.  He delivers 1/3 of the people of Israel from the power of the Antichrist and will lead them to safety in the mountains near Petra in Jordan.   There, Israel will be completely protected from any of Antichrist's forces that seek to destroy the Jews.

Q[50:44] Who is the lion God is talking about and what is its purpose?

This is Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah.  In this instance, He is the King who will be leading His people Israel to Petra at the beginning of the second half of the Tribulation.  There He will protect them from the persecution of Antichrist.  He will bring down manna from Heaven to feed them for 3 1/2 years.

Q[50:44] Who is the shepherd God is talking about?

Jesus is both King and Shepherd over His people, Israel.  He will not only protect His people, but will spiritually nourish them.  The Israelites at Petra will be given the same lessons of righteousness that were given to the Apostle Paul in the first century.  They will know both the written and living word of God, because it will be written onto their hearts and their minds.

Q[50:45] What is the counsel of the Lord?

After several warnings from God about the complete certainty of His destruction of Babylon, He advises all that read these verses to believe that they will be happen exactly has God has spoken.  In effect, these are warnings to the Christians that are inhabitants of Babylon to keep their faith as well as to not indulge in the sins of Babylon.

Q[50:46] Why does the earth tremble when Babylon is taken?

Near the end of the Tribulation, USA and Europe will be completely destroyed.  At that time, a great worldwide earthquake will take place and completely level the cities of the world.  This will happen right after the nuclear missiles fall on USA/Europe.  The great earthquake may even be triggered by the nuclear missiles that rock the earth at the end of the Tribulation.

Jeremiah Chapter 51

Q[51:1] Explain those in Babylon that rise up against God what is God's destroying wind?

Those that rise up against God are those that are systematically eliminating the knowledge of God from the people of Babylon.  It is replacing this knowledge with laws that in effect make good evil and evil good.  It is attempting to replace the worship and respect of God with the worship of self.  Especially on television and in the public media, God and His people are often ridiculed and made fun of.  Persecution of God's saints has already started and will continue through the first half of the Tribulation.  God will absolutely guarantee Babylon's destruction because of the leaders and peoples attitude towards Him.

Q[51:2] What are the winnowers that God sends to Babylon?

In the time of the Bible, winnower or fanners were farmers that separated the grain from the chaf by using a fan to separate the chaff from the grain.  By mid-Tribulation, all of the Christians will be removed by the Main Harvest Rapture and all of God's people, the Jews/Israelites will be transported to the state of Israel.  The chaff will be those unsaved people of Babylon that will be completely destroyed by God by the end of the Tribulation.

Q[51:3] Why does God say for a second time "let the archers unleash their arrows"?

This is again a command for the utter destruction of Babylon.  It is the exact day, hour, minute and second for the launching of the nuclear missiles from the nations of the north.  Somehow, God will place in the minds of those that push the buttons for the launch of nuclear missiles, the exact time for the destruction of Babylon to begin.  It will take one hour to destroy Babylon.

Q[51:4] Who are those "thrust through" in the streets of Babylon?

The citizens of Babylon will be going about their ordinary business of working, dining, handling their children and taking care of their personal business.  They will be eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage when the missiles hit.  It will be a complete suprise.  It will be like they were just walking down the street and a mugger just stabs them and leaves them for dead lying on the sidewalk.

Q[51:5] Why was Israel and Judah not forsaken by God?

God goes back, sometime before Babylon's destruction and gives another warning to His people the Jews and the Israelites that they should indeed flee Babylon.  He wants them to go to Israel, because all that respond to Him will be welcomed back into His fold with open arms.  He will protect them from all those in the world that seek to destroy them.

Q[51:5] What was the sin against God's Holy One?

As we know from the Gospels, most of the people of Judah did not accept Jesus as the Messiah.  Most Jews have rejected Him for the past 2,000 years.

Q[51:6] Who is warned to flee from Babylon?

This is also a warning to those Main Harvest Christians that are left behind to endure the persecutions of Antichrist and and an encouragement for them to remain faithful to Jesus.  This is the salvation of the soul that will take place should these Christians remain faithful.  The flight will be the guaranteed Main Harvest Rapture of all faithful Christians at mid-Tribulation.  About 2/3rds of all Main Harvest Christians will be very faithful to Jesus during the first half of the Tribulation and be rewarded with positions of honor in the Kingdom.  The other 1/3 will not be very faithful to Him and will suffer loss of their soul salvation.  They will still be saved, but will lose rewards and honor and glory in the millennium Kingdom.

Q[51:7] Explain why Babylon was a golden cup in the Lord's hands.

In the last days, God allowed an extremely difficult test to arise in the form of Babylon for both the saved and unsaved people of the earth.  This test is the desire to want the immense wealth, goods and forture that was shown to the world in the country of Babylon and especially in the USA.  The test was also the freedom to do almost anything you wanted to do.  This freedom included sexual immorality, drug use, the accumulation of immense personal and national wealth, many forms of entertainment and the freedom to even blaspheme against God and the Savior, Jesus Christ.  The rest of the world was introduced to the knowledge of this great wealth and freedom and absolutely wanted it.  This was the golden cup--self indulgence and the ability to reject God.  This of course leads to the Tribulation, because most people in the world will not be interested in following God and placing Him first in their lives.  God is personally insulted by most peoples rejection of Him and of His command to live a righteous and holy life for Him. The Tribulation is a last chance test for all the peoples of the earth to accept God and His plan for their lives.  This testing will include those Christians of today that are not persuing the righteousness of God, but are instead persuing personal gain.

Q[51:8] Why should anyone wail for Babylon since she is now destroyed?

This wailing that could and should take place is before the Tribulation even starts.  This mourning should start now and the people of USA should realize how far it has fallen since even the Great Depression.  During the time of the 30's many of the Christians of America realized how deeply they had fallen economically and many turned back to following all of the verses in the Holy Bible that had indeed been followed by God's faithful during the 19th century.  If this repentance were to happen now, by Christians, God would heal the USA and push the Tribulation further into the future.

Q[51:9] Explain any optimism why Babylon could possibly be healed from her transgressions.

This verse is simply a rhetorical statement, because God already knows that Babylon will not repent and it's people place Him first in their lives.  It certainly is God's will that all repent and turn to Him for mercy, forgiveness and restoration.  This is simply a lament by God because it is His desire that all people turn to Him in faith.

Q[51:10] What is the work of the Lord that should be declared in Zion?

The Lord God has revealed to some of the Jews and Israelites that Jesus is their Messiah and that He is going to restore them in relationship to Himself.  This work will be the ministry of the 144,000 of the twelve tribes of Israel that will bring the gospel to the rest of the Jews and also to the Gentiles of the world.  They will be God's messangers to the world.

Q[51:11] Explain the role of the Medes in the destruction of Babylon.

The Medes are the countries of Iran and the Muslim countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union during the days of the cold war.  They will be instrumental in helping to destroy Babylon in the second half of the Tribulation.

Q[51:12] What is the plan that the Lord has devised against Babylon?

This plan is the plan for the utter destruction of Babylon that God Himself has repeated yet another time.

Q[51:13] Explain Babylon dwelling by many waters and the "measure" of Babylon's covetousness.

The waters that Babylon controls are the peoples and nations of the world.  This is an oppressive control and these people will hate Babylon because of this control.  The measure is "absolute" control, including even their religions and who they worship.  The only worship allowed will be the worship of Antichrist.

Q[51:14] What oath did the Lord swear against Babylon?

Nothing can be more certain than Almighty God swearing an oath that Babylon will be destroyed which will be repeated many times in Jeremiah 50 and 51.

Q[51:15] Why did God bring up that He created the earth and the universe?

About 6,000 years ago God created the heavens and the earth.  He created all of the plant and animal life and He created mankind.  Mankind did not evolve from microbes such as the evolutionists have often repeated in our public schools and universities.  This message has constantly been presented on TV and in movies.  This is one of the worst sins that has been committed against Him.  This verse is a reminder that we should surely honor God by recognizing that He has created everthing.

Q[51:16] Please explain what happens when God speaks.

God has not only created everything, but He brings the rain and sets in motion the great meterological events that happen such as thunder, lightning, hurricanes and tornadoes.  We are in His hands and we should recognize His greatness and give Him honor and glory by recognizing that He is The Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.

Q[51:17] Explain Babylon's metalsmiths and image makers.

The image described here is the television and computer screens that in many cases show programs of one of the false religions of the end time: Evolution.  This sin is in addition to the programs of violence and sexual immorality that are shown on the screen everyday.  This is also a warning to the Christian that they should not be watching programs that glorify self-indulgent topics such as visiting pornographic web sites.

Q[51:18] What is the vanity that God is describing?

This is the pride that the leaders of the internet, entertainment and television industries have in creating and promoting sinful activities for the viewing audience. Of course, you don't have to watch those programs that uplift sin and those that do so will be judged for those sinful activites, especially Christians.  The vanity for the Christian is the belief that once saved any and all sins are forgotten by God.  This is simply not true.  The only way that Jesus forgets sin is if you daily confess your sins to God and hence, the sins are forgotten by Him (I John 1:9).

Q[51:19] What/who is the Portion of Jacob?

The portion mentioned is Jesus Christ, the Son of God who is the antithesis of the arrogant men of Babylon.  He is always truthful and always leads His people, both Christians and Jews into truth, righteousness and holiness.

Q[51:20] Who is God's battle ax?

Jesus Christ is indeed the battle ax of God.  For the past 2,000 years He has been the gentle shepherd that leads Christians into a saving knowledge of God.  During the Tribulation, He changes to the conquering warrior that destroys all enemies of God.  One of the major enemies is Antichrist, who leads Babylon and both will be destoryed by the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Q[51:21] Explain Babylon's horses and riders.

Because of His Godly power, Jesus will just speak the word and all of the airplanes, ships, aircraft carriers, bombers, jet fighters, satellites and any other weapon will just explode and be of no use to the military of Babylon.  This happens as the nations of the north are ready to unleash their nuclear missiles upon Babylon.

Q[51:22-23] Explain who God will break in pieces in Babylon.

In the prior Q&A, Jesus destroys the weapons of Babylon and in this verse, He allows the nations of the North to destroy the people and will include the young men and women, the middle aged and older people.  Finally, He will destroy all of the false sheperds that have led many people astray in the Tribulation which will be the worship of Antichrist.

Q[51:24] What is the evil that Babylon has done and what will God do to repay them?

The evil has been the persecution, torture and murder of many Christians during the first half of the Tribulation.  This evil also includes the persecution and murder of many Jews/Israelites during the second half of the Tribulation.  Jesus will destroy by fire all of the people of Babylon that have committed these attrocities against His people.

Q[51:25] What/who is the destroying mountain?

God compares Babylon to a volcano.  When active, the volcano erupts with pyroplastic flows, lava and casts into the air large boulders which destroys all dwellings and people around it.  Later, the volcanic activity subsides and becomes inactive.  If inactive for many years, the volcano becomes simply a mountain with its insides turned into an empty crater.

This is a comparison with Babylon which is unbeatable when God allows it to conquer whatever country it desires to.  Later, God destroys it by His fire and it is simply dead.  In Babylon's case, it will NEVER come to life again.

Q[51:26] Please explain the stones for corners or foundations?

In ancient times, stones were used to build most of the larger public buildings and temples.  It was a lasting material for building large structures, even for centuries in some cases.  In USA's case, many building materials were sold to foreign countries of the world.  These materials included lumber, brick and the other items used to construct building and homes.  Because Babylon will be nuked in the second half of the Tribulation, the intense radiation in that country will preclude any building supplies to be bought by any other country.  Babylon's export quota will be zero.

Q[51:27-29] Who are the nations of Ararat, Minni, Ashchenaz and Medes and what is their purpose against Babylon?

The locations of these nations include:

  • Ararat - This is the modern nation of Turkey.  It also includes the Muslim nations that are south of Russia.
  • Medes - This is modern day Iran.
  • Minni - These are the Muslim nations around Iran which include Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  • Ashchenaz - These are the Jews that migrated to Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe after the the Dispora of AD 70.  After World War II, most of these Jews resettled into modern day Israel.

These nations will be part of the end-time group of nations that will surround Babylon and utterly destroy it by nuclear weapons.  God promises that not one inhabitant of Babylon will be left alive after it is attacked in the second half of the Tribulation.  It is ironic that Israel would even be able to at least destroy some of the soldiers of Antichrist that have persecuted them during the second half of the Tribulation.

Q[51:30] What is the response of Babylon's military when attacked by the nations of the north and the muslim nations?

Because the destruction of Babylon is so fast, the generals and admirals have basically given up and are just awaiting the end that is coming--death by fire and radiation.

Q[51:31] Please explain the runners for the King of Babylon.

There will be observers of the nuclear missiles that explode over Babylon and they will send reports to the Antichrist.  These will be both the military and the news media reporters.  A few newscasts might be shown on the television so any surviors could also view the destruction.  Not long after the last missile falls, all communcations of any kind will cease.

Q[51:32] What are the blocked passages and the burned reeds?

The passages are the escape routes out of Babylon for any citizens of Babylon that may happen to escape the fire and radiation caused by the explosion of many nuclear missiles.  The Muslim nations will surround Babylon and kill any Babylonian citizen/soldier that attempts to escape from its destruction.  The burned reeds are even any kind of vegetation that may be growing in the more remote areas of Babylon.  It will include cactus, weeds, thistles and thorns.  Nothing will be left alive in Babylon including the people, the grain, the animals, and even the weeds.

Q[51:33] What is the threshing and harvesting of Babylon?

This is a promise that when these verses in Jeremiah 50 and 51 are understood, that the Tribulation will start and Babylon will be destroyed.  This is yet another time when The Lord promises to completely destroy this great alliance of USA and Europe.

Q[51:34] Who is this Nebuchadnezzar that God is talking about?

This is Antichrist.  He will persecute and attempt to kill as many Jews as he can during the second half of the Tribulation.  This is a lament by a Jew that is dying because of Antichrist and Jeremiah records his last words: "Antichrist has struck me and I am now dying.  He has shot me with a rifle and I am now bleeding to death."

Q[51:35] Explain the blood of Zion upon the inhabitants of Babylon.

This is a cry from the Jews that their blood that was shed by Babylon and the Antichrist and the guilt of their blood should be upon the inhabitants of Babylon.  Thus, they are asking God to take retribution for their sufferings and deaths caused by Antichrist and the nation of Babylon.

Q[51:36] What does it mean when God dries up Babylon's sea and her springs?

The springs of water in Babylon will be polluted by radiation and thus the fresh water will be undrinkable.  The seas around Babylon will not be used because all ports will be destroyed by nuclear missles.

Q[51:37] Explain how Babylon become "heaps" a dwelling place for jackals.

The heaps will be the mounds of rubble that are caused by the falling nuclear missles.  The only residents of Babylon will be the creatures that will feast on the dead bodies of men, women and animals that are killed in Babylon.  We don't know how anything could surivive the intense radiation after the missles fall, but somehow God will see that all the corpses and bones are competely devoured.

Q[51:38] Who roars like lions?

These are the military leaders, politicians and corporate leaders of Babylon that will glorify themselves and their country, Babylon, because of its conquests and its control of the countries of the world.  This exaltation is before the destruction of Babylon.

Q[51:39] What is the feast that God prepares?

They will be enjoying themselves in luxuries of every kind and think that nothing can hurt them.  What a surprise will happen to them--they will be destroyed in one hour by the nations from the north.

Q[51:40] Explain bringing down Babylon like lambs to slaughter.

The political, military and industry CEO's of Babylon will be led by Antichrist who will assure all that he has everything under control and they need not worry about any kind of war of any kind.  They naively believe this, just like a lamb follows its shepherd wherever he directs them.  The shepherd of Babylon is Antichrist, who also naively believes the lies of Satan--that he is invincible and cannot be defeated.  However, God is in control and will surprise all that believe Antichrist with their utter destruction.

Q[51:41] Who is Sheshach and why was she called the praise of the earth?

Sheshach is another name for Babylon.  This great country has the praise from all the earth for the wealth of various kinds that are acquired by the nations of the world.  This is caused by Babylon's payments to foreign countries for the great amount of goods that is bought from the various nations of the world.  These goods are described in Revelation, chapter 18.  The praise is not really praise, but envy.  This envy will later change to contempt and hate for Babylon by most of the nations of the world.

Q[51:42] What is the sea that comes up over Babylon?

The sea is a metaphor for the nation of Babylon being completely destroyed by God.  It now no longer exists and has been buried permanently just like a stone that is thrown into the middle of the ocean.

Q[51:43] Why any son of man not want to pass through the land of Babylon?

These are the remant of Jews and Gentiles that have placed their faith in Jesus during the Tribulation.   They will be given land on the earth during the millennium Kingdom and will joyously follow Jesus for the thousand years and afterward, for eternity.  This land will not include the land of Babylon, because it will be worthless for anything.

Q[51:44] What is the punishment of Bel?

Again, Bel is the Antichrist who is possessed by Satan.  He will have murdered many Main Harvest Christians during the first half of the Tribulation and many Jews during the second half of the Tribulation.  The Main Harvest Christians will be resurrected by Jesus in the middle of the Tribulation and the Jews at the end of the Tribulation.  Antichrist will completely fail in his mission to destroy God's people, because Jesus will resurrection all and place them in positions of honor in His Kingdom.

Q[51:45] Why does God warn His people to flee from His anger?

This warning is given just before the start of the Tribulation.  God's anger will be against his unfaithful Christians because they have not crucified self and lived their lives in obedience to God.  In effect, God could hardly distinguish the Thyratira, Sardis and Laodicean Christians from the unsaved and sinful people of Babylon.  God is deeply hurt by the lethargy, indulgence and sin of His people.  This is a last-chance opportunity to repent and thus escape the severe testing of the unfaithful Christian during the first half of the Tribulation by Antichrist.

One purpose of the First Fruits Website is to deliver this message to you:  that you need to evaluate yourself and to determine if indeed you will be taken by Jesus in the First Fruits Rapture just before the start of the Tribulation.  If you crucify self, then you will escape from God's anger.  Here's how: How to Crucify Self.

Q[51:46] What does "a rumor will come one year and in another year another rumor will come"?

This is a series of warnings for the Churches of Thyatira, Sardis and Laodicea before the start of the Tribulation that persecution is coming to all Christians that are not now following Jesus or watching for His return.  They need to found faithful by God by crucifying their carnal human nature and following Jesus Christ in righteousness.

Q[51:47] Why will the whole land of Babylon be ashamed?

This verse alludes to the time of the Judgment of the nations.  Along with nations such as Israel/Judea of the time of Jesus, Sodom and Gomorrah, Egypt, etc., Babylon will be severely condemned for its gross sin and the glorification of self and false gods such as the worship of money, fame and power.  It will be sevely condemned for following Satan.  Babylon will live on, but only in infamy.  Christians that were a part of this sin and did not repent and follow Jesus will share in being ashamed.  Those Christians that did not repent either before the start of the Tribulation or during the first half of the Tribulation for those left behind will also be very ashamed.  This will result in the loss of honor and glory in the Kingdom of God.

Q[51:48] Why does heaven and the earth both rejoice over Babylon's destruction?

The Christians who were persecuted/martyred by Antichrist in the first half of the Tribulation and are now in Heaven after the Main Harvest Rapture will rejoice because God will completely destroy Babylon, avenging their persecution and martyrdom.  The people of the earth who accept Jesus as Savior and the Jew/Israeli who will be completely redeemed by Jesus will rejoice because Babylon has now been destroyed.  Both Christians, Jews/Israelites and Gentile Believers in Jesus will all rejoice, because their persecution by Antichrist/Babylon is now over.

Q[51:49] How does Babylon cause the slain of Israel to fall?

God has already warned His people to return to the land of Israel and many will go there and obey Him.  Because Jesus has already raptured the Main Harvest Christians at mid-Tribulation to Heaven, Antichrist will then turn to persecuting and killing as many Jews/Israelites as he can during the second half of the Tribulation.  Antichrist will be allowed to kill 2/3 of all Israelites.  This will be the slain of Israel.

Q[51:50] Who is it that has escaped the destruction of Babylon? Why should Jerusalem come to mind?

These are the Jews/Israelites that have lived secular lives and have not remembered God at all.  However, they will know that they are Jews and somehow God will place in their hearts the desire to go to and live in Israel.

Q[51:51] Who are the strangers that come into the sanctuaries of the Lord's house?

These are the pastors of the Thyratira, Sardis and Laodicean churches that are not delivering the complete message that God wants His people to hear and the sanctuaries are the members of these churches. The pastors are only delivering the message of Ultragrace--that God saves all Christians by grace and because of this, all Christians are the bride of Christ and all will receive many rewards because of this grace.  Many pastors are not delivering the full gospel message that a Christian is expected to be faithful to God by obeying all that Jesus commanded.

We don't believe in Ultragrace.  We believe that a Christian's spirit is completely saved by grace the instance that God calls them to accept by faith Jesus as their Savior.  The body will be later redeemed at death or at the First Fruits or Main Harvest Raptures.  We believe that the soul is saved by being faithful to Jesus--by crucifying self and living a holy and righteousness life for God.  Most Christians don't read the complete Holy Bible or only read the scriptures that discuss the initial salvation of a person, so they don't know of the severe consequencies of not being faithful to Jesus.  We have prepared an article that explains salvation: Soul vs Spirit Salvation.

These pastors and christians that do not crucify self and live a righteous life by the time of the Main Harvest Rapture at mid-Tribulation will be severely reprimanded by Jesus at The Judgment Seat of Christ.

Q[51:52] What are the graven images that God completely destroys?

The graven images will be the televisions, computers and hand-held devices that will no longer allow the owners of these devices the ability to view sex, violence, false worship and self-indulgent images, videos and programming.  The communications infrastructure will be completely destroyed by God.

Q[51:53] How does Babylon mount up to the heavens?

In addition to developing satellites and earth-orbiting telescopes, sending men to the moon and rockets to the outer planets, Babylon will develop sophisticated military weapons that will operate from satellite orbits above the earth.  These weapons could be of laser or particle beam weapons that could destroy entire towns at one time.  Although God may allow these to operate for some time during the Tribulation, He will make sure that they are made inoperable, so the nations of the north will be able to destroy Babylon during the second half of the Tribulation.

Q[51:54] What is the cry that comes from Babylon?

This is a moan that comes from the mouth of those people in Babylon that were about to die from the fire and radiation that was a result of the nuclear missiles dropped on it by those nations that hate it.  It is a last gasp and an utter realization of their impending death.

Q[51:55] What is the roar heard by the people of Babylon?

Babylon has been very egotistical and proud and is constantly reminding the people of the world of its greatness.  This is Babylon's roar.  Of course, God hates this and silences her arrogant television programs and closes all of her internet web pages.  The silence is caused by the roar of the nuclear missiles that strike and destroy Babylon.

Q[51:56] Why is every one of Babylon's bows broken?

God has planned for the complete destruction of Babylon and will just speak the phrase: "All of Babylon's weapons are now inoperable".  When Antichrist first learns of the missiles falling and beginning to destroy the cities of Babylon, none of Babylon's weapons will work and thus Babylon will not be able to defend itself against those nations that seek to destroy her.  Perhaps God will allow a terrorist to explode a suitcase nuclear bomb that will use an electromagnetic pulse to render ineffective all of the computers that control Babylon's weapons, including missiles, jet fighters and bombers, submarines and any other weapons.

Q[51:57] Explain the meaning of "God makes Babylon's princes, wise men, governors and mighty men" drunK?

God will allow Babylon to control much of the world during the Tribulation and the Antichrist will believe that he is invincible and cannot be conquered.  This is being drunk on absolute power over people.  This intoxication of power will be short-lived, for God will completely destroy Babylon and the Antichrist and all that he stands for.  Antichrist will live in infamy for the rest of eternity, because he will be destroyed in the lake of fire at the end of the Tribulation.  Because the unsaved  people of the world will know that they were deceived by Antichrist, they will detest and hate Antichrist for eternity.

Q[51:58] Explain the meaning of Babylon's broken walls.

The walls of Babylon are its defenses that have been put in place over the past few decades and include antiballistic missles, aircraft carriers, nuclear-tipped ballistic missles, nuclear submarines and even sophisticated hand-held weapons by the foot soldier.  All of these will be made inoperable by God when He decides to unleash the nations of the north for Babylon's destruction.

Q[51:59-64] Explain Jeremiah's command to Seraiah the son of Neriah.

At the time of Jeremiah the prophet, he wrote in a scroll all of the predictions of destruction that would happen to the Babylon of that day.  These words were then read to the inhabitants of Babylon.    If they were wise, they would believe God and thus repent and turn to God for mercy and forgiveness and then renounce their witchcraft and sinful ways.  They would stop their oppression of the people of Judah.  We know that they didn't and were later conquered by Cyrus the king of Persia.

In the days just before the start of the Tribulation, Babylon will have the Scroll of Predictions read to it and then the people and leaders of this great country will have the opportunity to repent and to turn to God for mercy.  Sadly, scripture says that this will not happen.